Arrived at MTC (July 9, 2014)

Hey everyone I made it safely to Mexico City. Its been an insanely long day and Im exhausted. I apologize for my short email because these computers are incredibly hard to type on. I met 4 other elders going to Veracruz with me!! I also talked to some people in the airport in spanish and they actually understood me! We had a decent conversation about who we were, and also about how Argentina won today…right? I wasnt sure if she said they won or lost. Its actually rainy here today and the city has graffiti everywhere! also traffic is a free for all, but we were able to move through it pretty effectively because our bus was bigger than everyone else. I already love Mexico and the people. Shout out to the lady in the airport who was balancing a white dog in a pink skirt on her head! Alrighty I have to go! Love you guys!

Elder Roberts


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