Elder Roberts – Week 3 – July 31, 2014

July 31, 2014

Hi All,
Okay here is the main email. My teacher allows us to email as long as we need (within reason) and I don’t want to abuse that privilege so I can’t make this email super long.

My companion and I found an access to the roof of the biggest building here in the CCM, and took pictures of a small layout so you can see. We are in the casa right by the water tower. See attached pictures.

I have developed a new form of studying my scriptures! Im really diving into the scriptures out here. Wish I started such an in depth study before the mission. Better late than never though. Its really enjoyable and I focused it to analyzing trends (ex. obedience to the commandments and the gospel is ALWAYS followed by Gods love) and Im really enjoying it. I’ve never been someone to memorize a ton of facts and such, but I love analysis and this has really helped me dive into the fullness of the Gospel and the “mysteries of God”. One of the Hermanas in my district asked for a blessing this week too. It was a powerful experience and I was really glad I could participate. I love blessings because you can literally feel the power of God flowing through you, almost like an electrical current, and I love the priesthood so much. My district leader lesson this week was so spiritual. I talked on the Plan of HAPPINESS (purposeful emphasis on happiness) and how everything God created and everything we do is meant to bring us joy. This life, the after life, living the Gospel, etc. Today was a really humbling day. I really don’t understand why I was called to be a leader of the guys in my district. I feel like someone threw me onto the USA All Star Team, and Im some 4 foot 3 kid whos experience in basketball barely made it to 5th grade rec league. These missionaries are champions and I think the only reason I got called to be the district leader is because I need Christs help, and he knows that, so he called me as leader to humble me and encourage me to come to Him and ask for help daily. Its good to be surrounded by such amazing missionaries though. Okay highlight of my week: One Elder here is leaving in a week to serve in Las Vegas, and he’s just the best. He is slightly mentally challenged (I’d say he has the social skills of an 11 year old) but oh my goodness he brightens my life. He reminds me so much of my uncle Udell. And he is good at basketball. Of course, his skill isn’t a product of his athleticism, but his basketball instincts are astonishing! He drove to the basket and finished over someone, knows when to shoot, knows when to pass, and he THREW ME AN ALLEY OOP during one of our games. I would always go and give him a high five after every play and his face would light up, and then I would light up, and it was just so incredible. So proud of him for serving, because I’m sure he had the option not to. Also, I feel as though I haven’t done my MTC teacher justice. She makes us do push ups and burpees (jump squat and a push up is one rep) when we don’t do our work or misbehave or something. But there is a method to her madness because our districts spanish is far superior to all the other districts. She also loves us SOO much and tries to pretend like she doesn’t when she acts strict, but we are her favorite. She has a reputation around the MTC because she makes other people do push ups that aren’t her students. She’s so fun to be around!

Okay thats all! I love you guys sooo much! Miss you!
Elder Roberts

The Walk Of Righteousness

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2 thoughts on “Elder Roberts – Week 3 – July 31, 2014

  1. It’s great to see that you’re having fun Hugh, miss you a lot my man. I’ll be keeping up with your blogs, wish I could be out there with you buddy. Stay safe and keep preaching my man. Much love



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