Elder Roberts – Week 4 – August 7, 2014

Hi All,
Okay here’s the main event! The big email! I’ll try and get as much in here as I can.
First of all I’m going to start by saying that David A. Bednar is MY FAVORITE! He’s my favorite general authority by far. He gave this awesome, awesome, awesome talk about how “if, you as a missionary, are worried about feeling the spirit and teaching with the spirit, to QUIT WORRYING ABOUT IT” which is exactly what I needed to hear. He said all we need to do is just be GOOD and the Lord will take care of the rest according to his will. Loved that. If you guys could, send me every talk that David A Bednar has given that remotely relates to missions, feeling the spirit, or anything you think is good really. Also thanks to my beautiful mother for my package. I’ve hid my chocolate and rootbeer in various locations around the casa for maximum safety. I may have to start doing the same for my ties. I really have a knack for trading these things. Sometimes I feel bad when I get an amazing trade, but then I don’t because he agreed to it.
We went to the temple visitors center today! It was BEAUTIFUL! And we went on a tour with these three girls from Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Mexico and they actually had me translate what they were saying to the rest of my tour every once in a while because they weren’t too good at English. I don’t blame them. Spanish is way better! And then they asked me and my companion to teach a 5 minute lesson on the Book of Mormon to a Hermana in my district, and it was really fun. My Companion would give me a swift and discrete elbow to the ribs when his part was finished. It was hard not to laugh. Love him!
Speaking of Book of Mormon lessons, yesterday we did TRC, which is where we teach these one on one lessons to improve our skills and Spanish. I got paired up with another Elder, and I gave one of my better reviews of the Book of Mormon and how to receive revelation from it. I thought I did okay, but when the lesson was over, he ran into the classroom and announced that I was ready to go Veracruz! He was really thoughtful and nice to be so encouraging.
Also this week I had a day where I had the runs. Man it was bad. I was in the bathroom constantly and everyone was saying I should go to the enfermeria, but I didn’t want to because we had a lesson that night. Anyway, it started escalating and I prayed and asked to be able to just teach the lesson, and the second I said hi to Jose and sat down, the fire in my stomach stopped and I delivered a proficient lesson and I felt better afterwards! It was awesome. My companion called the day I was sick “The Revenge of Elder Roberts Patience” and how it was payback for all the times I’ve waited for him outside the bathroom.
This week I’ve really strengthened my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I’m having a hard time studying other things because its so engaging. I love the Story of Zeniff and his people in…like Mosiah 11? Somewhere around there. Maybe 10 and maybe 12. Also I love the story of Abinadi because of how dominantly he teaches the gospel. Thats what you can do with the power of the Lord. OH! and this week my district got to sing in the choir!!! It was so so fun! We sang hope of Israel. And There was this arrangement where the girls would sing and then the boys, and I accidentally started singing during the girls part. I decided to have fun with it, so I just started singing with my falcetto and I sounded like a girl and it was pretty funny. I was able to do this while limiting the movement of my mouth, so it didn’t look weird to anyone in the audience. Man it’s fun to sing. Plus music on a mission is so limited so you learn to appreciate it and its spirit so much. In the devotional before the one I sang in, there was this guy who played the piano for us, and he was an absolute wizard. I was so jealous. It was BEAUTIFUL! Anyway, That’s all I got!
Love Elder Roberts


MTC District



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