Elder Roberts – October 20, 2014

Hey everyone!

Well, I wanted to start out by sharing this scripture that I found this morning with ya’ll. I already shared it with Lindsey. 2 Nephi Ch 2. The difference with everything in this life is whether we are acting, or whether we are being acted upon. (2 Nefi 2:14, 2 Nefi 2:26) If you look at what it says in verse 27, the difference between “liberty and eternal life” and “captivity” is the difference between acting and being acted upon. How do we make sure that we are acting and not being acted upon? Light, knowledge, obedience. If you study and are obedient you’re going to learn a ton. As you learn, you become more like Christ. When you’re like Christ you can gain eternal life. Well, you also need the vital covenants with the lord too, but yeah, you know what I mean… So when you’re going about your day, think about it, “are you acting, or being acted upon by a dumb decisión you made.” If so, stop making said decisión. Its all about acting, and acting in a way that allows us to act more in the future. Which frees us to be happy. Chapter 2 is mind blowing!

Okay so this week was amazing. Remember the taxi miracle? Well, we’ve seen it happen two more times. Same situation every time. We are teaching late, we start running home, pray aloud for a taxi while we run (well, more like a plea) and the next car that passes is a taxi. Also, a few days ago Heavenly Father showed me the mercy that he has for us. Confession: we woke up late. We had done a bunch of exercise the day before and our alarm went off and we slept right through it. So bad I know. I felt horrible. But I thought with such a blatant act of disobedience, my day was over because disobedience kills the spirit, and without the Spirit “ye shall not teach”. But after fervent prayer we felt ready to head out. We had two of the most spiritual lessons since I’ve been out here. One was with Maria. We started reading the scriptures with her. We read two chapters with her and talked about them. The spirit was so strong. Later, we went to visit Erica and her family. They haven’t been going to church even though our best lessons are always with them. They’re so ready to learn, they all had spiritual confirmations of the truth, and have incredible repentance. One morning I was praying to know how to help them. I didn’t really get an answer, so I just started studying. Opened to 3 talks in a row in the Conference Liahona about the atonement. So I read them and studied them. Meanwhile Elder Rodríguez was doing the exact same thing: studying the Atonement and repentance. We realized that it was obvious: they had a bunch of faith. Well, whats the next step in the Gospel of Jesús Christ? WELL REPENTANCE OBVIOUSLY!! So we decided to teach them that. Incredible lesson. I received numerous impressions on what to say, and when I didn’t say a few of them, Elder Rodríguez said exactly what I was thinking, but with more Español Expertise. It was crazy. And the daughter told us that she didn’t feel worthy to go to church. She never told us what she did, but we then said “look it doesn’t matter what you did. Lets read Alma 36. This guy tried to destroy the church of God.” She said “oh wow…well I didn’t do anything that bad…” “Well, this guy turned out to be a prophet. That’s the power of the Atonement.” Thats a very shortened summary of what we said, but it was incredible. And I can honestly say that it was one of the top 10 happiest moments of my life when we showed up to church and saw her sitting in between two fantastic members.

ALSO! Mom and Dad you wouldn’t believe this. So we were teaching a family. We always try to chat with them a bit to be their friend and such. But this lady told us she likes classical music, and I was like “Oh really? Thats really cool, do you like Raul Di Blasio?” AND SHE DID!!! Remember, I listened to all of Raul Di Blasio’s songs while I did my homework in high school? Hahahaha it was so funny.

Okay so today one of the weirder things this universo has to offer, happened to me. We were talking to this dude and he talked for like 30 minutes without stopping, a talent that is very abundant here, and then he asked if he could pray for us. We obliged of course. As he started to pray, he did so while touching our heart and then our hand and then…rubbing our forehead like Raffiki does to Simba in the Lion King…a bunch of weird stuff. But as he did so more and more people started coming into his store and joining us. They also started saying all this stuff and touching us in the same places. This lasted 10 minutes. I kept my eyes closed and head down because if I made any kind of eye contact with Elder Rodríguez we would have both fallen over laughing. Then they ended in the name of Jesús Christ….so I guess it was a legitimate prayer? Who knows. It was weird. And then when they were finished they were chanting “por la sangre de Jesucristo” for a about 10 seconds after. Really really unique. We were simply bewildered and left without intentions of returning. Thats all I got. Love you all!!

E Rob




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