Elder Roberts – October 27, 2014

Hi All,

Woohoo, what I great week!
First of all, I received the package from the renowned Ocean Goddess(Sister Judy Zamora) that had a spider, some cinnamon, candles, salt, pictures, seaweed, and other lovely items. The date on it said it was from July. Before I received my package, my zone leaders called me a couple times and told me they were going to open it and eat what was inside (they could smell the cinammon) but no worries, I got it all in one piece. Thanks so much!!!!

This week, we have been working hard with the members to get them activated. We also lost one of our investigators who we had been working with a long time. That was frustrating but we can only bring the gospel unto the heart of the investigator. The only person that can let it into their heart is themselves. Like I said, it was frustrating but in no way was it depressing or something of that nature. Choosing to be desanimado (the opposite of excited…I forgot what it is in English) is Satan’s best tool with missionaries. When they are desanimado then they won’t work as hard, their obedience slacks, and everything else goes down the drain with it. So that’s not a route or a road that I’m not going to take.

BUT!! We have interviews with President Cordoba TOMORROW!! He’s coming to our chapel. I’m so excited. That man is a spiritual powerhouse. Can’t wait for the advice that I’m about to receive.

OH I just remembered something cool. So We struggled a lot this week with finding new investigators. I decided, and told Elder Rodriguez, that we were going to pray very specifically for someone. I decided red was the color. I prayed and said that we were going to offer service to every person we found in there house wearing red, and if they accepted our service we were going to share our message with them. Well, we didn’t find anyone that day. Figured it was a typical test of faith before the miracle. That next morning we were studying and our neighbor was blasting music next door, all of which had a common theme about sadness and death and losing someone etc. We decided to peek out the window because she was washing her clothes. She was wearing ALL RED. Head to foot. I laughed a bit, we said a thank you prayer, and went to talk to her. We asked if we could help her in anyway, she said no, but we both felt impressed to keep talking. Elder Rodriguez commented on the music lyrics. She then told us about how her daughter died in a car accident a year ago and how she has lost all purpose in her life. We had no idea what to say. We were with her for about 20 minutes and Elder Rodriguez said one thing and I said one thing. We mostly just cried together because it reminded me of Craig. But I told her “Hermana, honestly I have no idea what to say. I cannot possibly imagine what its like to lose a daughter because I have none, but this I do know: I know that she’s with God. I know that you’ll see her one day. And I know that Jesus Christ has felt what you’re feeling. All things through Jesus Christ will be made just. Some of those things won’t be made just until after this life. But they will be made just. Your’e daughter can’t come back to this life, but she’s in a better place. It’s just part of this plan that God made for us. Sometimes it seems dumb and unfair. Trust me I know. But there’s recompense for all in the life to come. And I can’t wait to see you there with your daughter.” Well…that’s what I was thinking when I spoke. Don’t know how clearly the Spanish was delivered, but she accepted to meet with us this thursday. Every night I’m trying to translate Grandpa’s testimony in his journal about Craig’s death, and also just praying for the spirit for thursday. I hope all goes well. And I hope all is going well with you guys!! Keep on pushing!

For food, I’m doing just fine. I buy bread and yogurt and jam and peanut butter and cereal every week. This week I bought pasta and refried beans and bananas and tortillas and cheese so I can cook. But normally we’re in a rush so I just eat yogurt. The members feed us every day at 2pm. Lunch is the strong meal down here. They all think its dumb that American’s eat around 6, haha “why would you need food at that hour? so you can have energy to go to bed?”

Love, Elder Roberts




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