Elder Roberts – November 2, 2014

Hi All,

The theme of this week is:
“There may be a storm outside but inside I’m full of sunshine”

I’m very happy here in Mexico and I’m having a great time. That’s not up for argument. But this week was, by far, the hardest week. We had a tough week with some of our investigators and we got pounded by rain this week. The water levels surpassed the sidewalk by a few inches. I actually made it to 6:20pm on that day with dry socks thanks to my wonderful boots. But then, while crossing a river-street I stepped between two rocks in the road and the water hit up to my mid calf. You better believe my socks got wet.

We have been teaching the plan of Salvation lately. Romans 14:8-9 really has stuck out to me in my studies. I love it. I interpret it as an extreme example (as the scriptures always use so we remember them) of what we are willing to give to the lord. Thats why we have storms. To fight through them. I’m willing to give it all!! If this work wasn’t divinely inspired, I would have come home by now. Especially this week. But it is. This is for God. This is to build his kingdom and to draw closer to him personally, so we can help others do the same. All I want, is to see the joy in others as they come to Christ is action and desire. When I do see it again, it will all be worth the work and frustration and crying unto the Lord and fighting. I invite you all to think about what you’re willing to give unto the Lord for his work. Use your agency to hasten God’s work, and you’ll see even more blessings than the innumerable ones you already have. I love this work and this gospel, because I know its true and I know why I’m here.

Love, Elder Roberts




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