Elder Roberts – November 10, 2014

Hello to everyone!
What a week, what a week! Well, we have been working really hard and I have a new companion, Elder Weaver!! Elder Rodriguez knows him, so I know he’s from Utah and I’ve seen pictures of him. He’s a good missionary and he’s going to be district leader. Yes, IM STAYING IN CABADA!! I’m so happy. This is a great place and so many people are just SO ready for the gospel. We went around today saying goodbye to everyone. Well, Elder Rodriguez did, since I get to stay. He’s headed even more south to Los Tuxtlas Sur. He’s going to do so great down there.
We had a really good district class this week. Lately two of our investigators have been pounding us with ridiculous questions. I’m sure that they go and research the church on anti mormon websites. Elder Casas taught us how every single question that could possibly be asked can be answered with the Book of Mormon. He asked us to tell him all the ridiculous questions we’ve received as a district. He wrote them on the board, assigned us each a topic or two, and told us to practice answering it with the Book of Mormon. Mine was about coffee. And there’s nothing in the Book of Mormon about coffee, but I was trying to figure out how to answer the question right until it was my turn. Elder Casas, pretending to be an investigator, asked me, “So why can’t mormons drink coffee?” And my first words were (a little sarcastic of course), “So if I understood you correctly, you’re asking me if the Book of Mormon is true.” and he said, “No…why can’t you drink coffee?” And I said “No really, your real question is if the Book of Mormon is true. If you read the book of mormon and pray with a sincere heart you would know it was true. Then you would know Joseph Smith was a prophet. Then you would know that, through him, God revealed the Word of Wisdom. SO, read the Book of Mormon and pray and you’ll find you answer.” IT WAS AWESOME! I loved that lesson so much because its so true. We can get bombarded with a bunch of ridiculous questions, like whether or not Adam had a belly button, but what they are really telling us is that they don’t have a strong enough testimony. It was just great.

Love you guys!
Also, I recommend the video “Because of Him” to EVERYONE!




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