Elder Roberts – November 17 and November 24

November 24
Hi All,
Hey everyone. Great great week!! We worked really hard. Something I am learning is that in the mission field Sunday is not a day of rest at all. Last Sunday, we woke up a half hour early to trudge around finding every person we thought might come to church. Then we ended up waiting for an investigator at the bus stop for so long that we missed the Sacrament. Very frustrating. I learned a lot of patience at that bus stop. Especially when I realized the chapel doors where closed and I would miss taking the sacrament. But that’s okay, we got her to church!!

Something I realized and learned this week is that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was created and made for us to repent. The steps are faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, and enduring (happily) to the end. But all of those five steps are for us to repent. Repentance means to come unto Christ. To change our desires, wants, and our thoughts. Our life is an adventure as we try to retune everything that is wrong with our mortal mind and heart. “coming unto Christ” is a synonym for repentance. Something as simple as “You know what, I think Im going to read my scriptures today because I haven’t done it for the past week” is repentance. As we do even the smallest thing, we are coming unto Christ. We are trusting in him. I love 2 Nephi 4:19 when he says “I know in whom I have trusted”. That is such a powerful scripture. We can see that Nephi has truly repented. He has done everything he can to follow Gods will and come unto Christ, and know he has a knowledge of the things he did. I have a lot of thoughts on this subject and I’m kind of just spilling it all out right now. But we were born to repent. To come to Christ. By our diligence to this task and our humility in doing so we will be judged. If we truly understand the Atonement and repent, EVERYTHING else follows.
Love you all! This is the work of the Lord.
Elder Roberts

November 17
Hi All,
My new companion is named Elder Weaver!!! He’s great. He’s our district leader and is a fantastic example. I’m learning new things everyday…which is good. He’s a fantastic missionary and an even better friend. We had stake conference this week, which really killed a lot of working time, because it’s an hour and a half away. But he told me on the bus that I didn’t really seem like a mission companion sometimes. He felt like we were just buddies in Cabada trying helping people. I definitely agree. We work hard and play harder (only on Pday:). Our toilet broke this week. It’s been like that a few days. We still can’t fix it. We have to wait till we have an appointment, to go to the bathroom.
But we have been working hard and the Lord is helping. Two miracles:
VERY FIRST CONTACT we did together as a companionship, we found an amazing family that is excited to hear the Gospel. I’m going to go see them in a couple hours actually. So excited. Then we went to the paper store to buy some paper and this lady said her daughter wanted to talk to us. At first thought we figured it was for something other than the gospel. We didn’t get her number from the mom. Then we were on the bus. All the seats were full except one. Elder Weaver looks at me and mouths to me in English (cant lip read in spanish yet) “Hey sit down next to that girl and contact” and I so I did. She ended up being that girl from the papeleria. We haven’t taught her yet, but I don’t believe in coincidences. I’m excited to teach her. What are the odds that we find a girl without her number or her name or anything? and then she ends up on the same bus as us, with the only open seat!? Boom. Miracle.
I love this work. I love these people. I’ve found myself asking my mission president every week if I can stay here for the next transfer too. I sure hope so. Cabada is about to see a lot of changes.
Also found a wheres waldo tie for 15 pesos!

Love, Elder Roberts

My New Companion Far Right



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