Elder Roberts – January 5, 2015

Hi All,

This week was somewhat good. We had an investigator scheduled to get baptized cancel due to pressure from the family. It was frustrating. Another day we tried calling many ward members to do splits, but no one could. We called so many people that we used all of our phone minutes, but we also reactivated a less active member! All we did was call him and ask for his help. He felt wanted and needed again, and then he came to church and bore his testimony about how he’s back for good. We also found two kids my companion had previously baptized, but not confirmed. We asked them to come to church and get confirmed, and they did! My companion was really happy because he had thought that it was never going to happen. We talked to them about how they needed the Spirit in their lives, really bad, as they were about to enter into their teenage years.

Something funny: A drunk guy came up to me today and gave me a hug and refused to let go until I agreed to buy him Coke. So I did. He was really happy. He gives great hugs.

Another Funny: A brother of one of our investigators gave us real bull horns that were ready to be mounted on the wall. You better believe we took those home and mounted them on the wall. It was AWESOME. (see picture)

Something spiritual: So I was teaching the Gospel Principles class in church and a young man interrupted and asked to speak with me. I turned the lesson over to my companion and followed the young man out of class. He wanted me to talk to all the young men and young women, in their class, about the Holy Ghost. It was really cool. I told them that I remembered when I was their age, and that I would sometimes just sit in church not internalizing much. And then I told them, “Look, if there’s one thing I want you guys to hear, it’s this: When you get home from church, go read the Scriptures. One chapter. Then say a sincere prayer. And do that every day this week. That’s all I ask of you. If you don’t feel anything and your life improves, come to me and let me know. But I don’t expect to hear from any of you. All I ask, and all the Lord asks right now, is for you to test it out. Go and see if you feel the spirit more in your life. Go and see if you are happier. If you are more loving. And even if you are more popular.” And they were really focused and intent and listening. They are such good kids. I told them that I have a lot of faith and hope in them because they are better than I was when I was their age. I truly hope at least one of them just tries it out. But I want to extend that invitation to everyone. Go and read. One chapter a day and a prayer. And go to church of course. I can guarantee that if you truly study, a doubt you had will be resolved, a lack of happiness will be replaced, and self worth will be enhanced. All you need to do is go and see.

-1 chapter and a prayer daily
It’s so simple. If everyone was willing to just try with an open heart down here, we would have already changed the lives of half of Tierra Blanca. Just try it please.
Love, Elder Roberts




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