Elder Roberts – June 29, 2015

Dear Family,

Okay okay okay Im really excited about this email.
We had a pretty darn good week.
My companion and I made a deal. I train him to be a missionary, and he gets me in shape. We have leg day and upper body day, and the idea is that we switch off every day. We only did one leg day and one upper body day this week because I was so sore I could hardly walk. It got really really annoying after like an hour of preaching (I cant stand walking slow…especially when my boss is the Lord) so I figured out this way to hobble around where I could walk at about the same speed as I normally do. My companion laughed at me the entire first day. I think the awkwardness of my walk was magnified a couple times because of my height. Anyway, Im excited to get in shape.
But we did a TON this week! Like, a ton. We had some really cool and really interesting experiences. I can think of 2 right off the top of my head.

First: We were walking down the sidewalk and this half drunk lady grabbed my companions arm and yanked him into her house. I naturally was alarmed and followed them right in. The lady started crying excessively and told us all about her life and everything that happened to her. She was a really cute little lady. As she was talking to us, we heard a scream from behind her house. She started crying even more and told us that her daughter lived behind her and has been constantly fighting with her husband for quite a bit of time. She then told us that she was going to take us back there because we “carry a marvelous energy, and I know that if you even just go into their house everything will be okay.” Inside I felt really hesitant, because Ive never walked in on a fight in between 2 adults, especially ones I didnt know. But on the outside I smiled and said “Of course! Lets go!” My companion didnt understand everything she said, she he wasnt sure what was going on. But we walk in on that little house and the wife is balling and the husband went to the outhouse to get away from her. The funny little drunk lady commanded her daughter to sit down, and went and brought her son in law and had him sit down next to her. She explained we were servants of God and were here to bring peace. The couple obviously didnt want us there. But, after the mom had finished explaining everything, they all looked over at us, almost unanimously. Heres what went through my mind:
Im 19. I have literally 0 experience with any of this. I dont know them. I dont even know their names. Okay Ill start by asking their names. Uh oh, Im completely alone, my comp has no idea whats going on. Dang it. Okay, what should I share? They dont even want me here. I guess Im here for a reason.
I dont remember everything that I said, but I explained we were representatives of Jesucristo and that we were called by a living prophet to preach the gospel, and even though it may seem like we have no experience, our words are the words of the Lord directed to them. We then read a scripture together and we analyzed it. When it was all over, everyone seemed pretty content. I mean, not exactly happy but also not in screaming rage. I felt a profound peace enter into that house the moment we started reading from the scriptures. It was cool.

Second: We found this cool guy named Teodoro. Well, better said, he found us. He contacted us in the street. We were walking by in kind of a rush to get to the appointment, and he yelled at us from the sidewalk “Hey, what do you teach?” I almost didnt give the guy a chance because he looked a little drunk (he actually wasnt we found out later). We started walking over to him and
my beloved companion whipped out a Book of Mormon and said “The words of a living prophet.”
The guy took it, asked how much it cost, and got so excited when we gave it to him!! “IM GOING TO READ THIS WITH MY SON. Im really worried about my family.” is what he responded to us. Right there in the middle of the street we had him turn to Helaman 5:12 and read it for us. We then asked a couple questions so he could understand it better. He responded “Thats exactly what I needed to hear. Could you guys like….pass by my house and explain me more?” We agreed with surprise and joy. He then told us all about how in the last two weeks his whole life has been falling apart and how he almost lost his wife, kids, and his own life.
We then told him we were called of a living prophet and directed by the Lord, and that his heart has been prepared to recieve the gospel in this moment. He told us “I know I am.” IT WAS SOOOOOO COOL!! Ill be honest and say that has never happened to me before on such a degree. Im excited to see his progress in the gospel.
Man, Its been a great week. So I have been waiting forever to write about this, but I would like to comment a little bit about the Book of Mormon.
I have been putting it off until now because I wanted to finish it all the way through again before commenting on it. As was said in the last General Conference,
“The book of mormon is key to spiritual survival.”
The Book of Mormon is more than just a book. It is a witness of our Savior. It confirms that he is the Savior of the ENTIRE world, and wasnt just a distinguished prophet from Nazareth. The Book of Mormon confirms that our Heavenly Father is a God of all the world. He was not created by nor does he exist in the Bible, but rather he created the Bible, and his words will not cease until his work has ceased. He too created the Book of Mormon. It is the key of the our religion, and essential to truly understand who God is, what he has done for us, and where we are to go after this life. There simply is no possible way that the Book of Mormon could have been created by any hand other than one inspired of God. The doctrines and principles found in that very book are eternal.
If any of you have a question or doubt about any past or present doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ, you are simply asking “Is the Book of Mormon true?”
I know without a doubt that this book is the word of our very God, the creator of our universe. I have recieved countless witnesses. The Spirit of God has visited me and manifested the truth of it unto me. I know that I know, and I know that God knows, that these things are true.
Some of you may be struggling with the weight of doubt, or lack of direction in your life. If so, get yourself a Book of Mormon, open it up, and read it. Then ask He who created it if it is true. You will then know with out a doubt that God loves you, and he has put a VERY CLEAR PATH to return to him. Read the Book of Mormon. It will bless you with power and peace in your life. Its the powerhouse of the Restoration, and the most correct book on the face of the earth. I love you all. So does God. So read his book so he can communicate with you.
Elder Roberts



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