Elder Roberts – July 6 to 20, 2015

July 6, 2015
It’s been a great week.
Before writing anything, I would like to refer you all to section 101 of the Doctrine and Covenants, verse 80. God Bless America! I cordially wish you all a happy 4th of July.

Anyway, we had stake conference this week! Elder Walker of the Quorum of the Seventy came and spoke to us.  His name is Elder Walker, and he is completely white with blue eyes, yet he’s from Argentina. He spoke with a really weird accent. It was mind-blowing that he wasn’t from the United States. But he gave a great talk. We had quite an adventure. So we invited various investigators to go to this stake conference, but we didn’t really have anyway to get there. We just told everyone to meet at the church at 8:30 and we would figure out rides from there. We fully expected to have to pay for everyone and go on the bus (because no one had money and no members were going to help us). We prayed for a way to get there.  At 8:15 that morning a member who we didn’t really know called us and asked if we had anyone they could take to Stake Conference in the back of their truck. We said “Of course!” so they came and helped us. That was a miracle. We had 4 missionaries and 7 investigators. Church started at 10. It was an hour 15 min away. The members showed up late, and I didn’t want to leave the investigators there because I wanted to help them to go to conference. Anyway, it turned out that if we took the bus we would be late to stake conference. So we were given permission to go in the back of the truck (against the Mexico mission rules). We fit ELEVEN people in the back of this truck. and 6 in front. SEVENTEEN PEOPLE in one car. It was hilarious. Three state police cars passed us and they didn’t say a word. It was such a blessing actually. One of the investigators blood pressure went crazy on the way there. We had to stop. It was a rather eventful trip. But everything turned out okay.

I LOVE MY COMPANION! Its so funny because he doesn’t understand everything yet. We contacted this lady on the door step, she told us how her 5 year old son died, but my comp didn’t understand what she said, so he responded with “Oh how great!!”. My self control with laughter is improving a lot though.

Anyway, yeah. It was a good week. Heard great messages from President Cordova, the Stake President, and of course Elder Walker of the Seventy.
Elder Roberts

july 4 hair after truck ride

July 13, 2015
Well, Ive had some lows and highs this week.

A High and Low: Hitting my year mark. I’m proud of that accomplishment, but it’s really lame because I only have a year left. I guess you always run faster going down hill 🙂 In other words, I’m going to double my work efforts.
High: MY COMPANION WAS ABLE TO PERFORM HIS FIRST BAPTISM!!!! WOOOHOOOO! HE WAS SO EXCITED! It was so cool. When he was changing, I went in there and we kneeled down and thanked God for his mercy towards us and the opportunity to baptize. Thats just a treat we get. We are here (personally) to be obedient and learn. Not necessarily to baptize. Although that is our direction with investigators.
High: Interview with President Cordova. I think he and I are becoming friends.
Low: My son locked us out of the house.
Low: Only 2 out of 13 investigators came to church. BAHHH
High: FOUND A FAMILY! A FAMILY WHO IS MARRIED, AND WE ARE TEACHING BOTH HUSBAND AND WIFE. THAT NEVER HAPPENS IN LOMA BONITA. They all usually live in sin and we have to try and marry them. Its rough.

But the Chelsea (who got baptized) story is a cool one. Actually my companion from the MTC baptized her sister. But Chelsea NEVER listened to the missionaries. She’s so quiet so all the missionaries between Elder Richards (a year ago) and us never really gave her a chance. My whole first transfer here I tried to just be her friend and finally, right when Elder Capps showed up, she came and sat down in a lesson with us. I had told him that morning to “put a baptismal date on everyone you see that isn’t already baptized” so he could practice. And thats exactly what he did. I didn’t even consider inviting her to baptism to be honest. But, she accepted! Then, the next lesson she remarked to us that her friend went on a trip and drowned. And we weren’t sure quite what to tell her. We started talking about the spirit world, and then told her about the temple! She got excited and we left her with Alma 40 to read. She read, and received a strong impression that she would see her friend again. From that point forward, it was easy going. She was really excited and knew it was true from her personal experience. “I feel really different, a lot…better.” was what she said right after her confirmation.

I would like to express a little bit about the importance of the Sabbath day. Before continuing, I would like to admit that I rarely kept the Sabbath day the way I should have. Simply put, ANYTHING that distracts us from God, Jesus Christ, and our family is something we SHOULD NOT DO. That includes television, sports, phones, etc. We all have the light of Christ. We all know what we shouldn’t do. Justifying is what those do who don’t repent. I get really sad every Sunday here in Loma. I haven’t met a single family in Mexico that keeps the Sabbath day. Please do so. Its an expression of our devotion to the Lord. Be obedient. It was made for our own good. Take a break from Babylon. You’ll see a profound difference in your life. Nations, families, and testimonies fall apart from disobedience to the Sabbath day. Its a commandment. Obey it.

I say these things because I love you all.
Elder Roberts


July 20, 2015
Well, its been a good good week!  We are trying to get in with the members a lot more so that they will give us good references, because contacting investigators is hard. We actually didn’t plan this, but we walked by a members house on Friday and all the members were out running around. They looked like they were having a blast so we asked them what was going on. Apparently their chickens had gotten out and they had caught all of them except one. We offered help and they actually accepted!! It was super fun hah. We made up a squadron of 6. The dad, 3 kids, and Elder Capps and I. It’s hard to chase a chicken and keep all of the mission rules (we couldn’t scout it out in trees or go on the roof etc.) but it was really entertaining even though our catching methods were limited. Elder Capps trapped that little sucker in the corner of the yard, but the chicken took flight and went into someone else’s yard on the other side. So we took our search and rescue mission to the other side of the street and we knocked on doors so they would let us into their yard to find the chicken. It was HILARIOUS. They actually all let us in (we went in about 6 different houses). While Elder Capps was running around I tried to take the opportunity to contact the families living there, but we didn’t have a lot of success in that. Maybe the Spirit wasn’t fully there since we were all running around shouting after a chicken. But it was a good time.

This week we visited sweet little Cristoforo. He’s this 70 year old investigator. He’s a really chill man. We actually took him to stake conference and afterwards he went around and shook everyone’s hand and said hi to everyone. There won’t be a problem with helping him finding friends in the church. His programmed baptismal date is actually this week. We asked him “Cristoforo, are you ready for your baptism in 10 days? Do you have any doubts or questions?” And he said “yeah I do actually have a question. (He then proceeded to tell us about his really hard life as an orphan and other things) Does God let me get baptized if I cant read? No one ever taught me. I cant even write my name. I just initial for my signature. I cant read Gods Bible.” It was a really…. special question. He was really concerned about it. My companion and I made eye contact and we both just lit up with a smile. “No Cristoforo, God isn’t mad and you can still get baptized even if you can’t read.” We actually gifted him my pen and a piece of paper and taught him how to write his name after the lesson.
He also lives in the middle of nowhere. Well, not quite. He lives in an abandoned pinapple packing plant. But it’s….about 35 minutes away from the church (if you walk like a missionary) and about 50 if you walk like a citizen, and about an 1:15 if you walk like Christoforo. We got a member to help us pick up investigators for church. Our first stop was Cristoforo at 9:00am. We arrived and his daughter was there (she doesn’t like the church) and she told us he had left like 30 minutes ago so he could make it to church early!

The worth of souls is great in the sight of God. We are all children of God. Not a single one of us is any better than any other. God loves all of us and we can all reach the same exaltation and the same glory after this life.

Elder Roberts

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