Elder Roberts – July 27 to August 10, 2015

July 27, 2015
I literally only have 3 minutes to write this email. Lets see how fast I can type.  We had a really tough week this week. 3 of our investigators dropped.  Hopefully, they will come back and keep the commandments in the future.

We baptized an awesome guy named Cristoforo this week!! He’s 71. Awesome. Walking by his house we both felt we should go there, looked at each other, and yelled. He came out. He walks across the whole city to make it to church 30 minutes early every sunday morning. Super cool.

Love you all.
Elder Roberts

August 3, 2015
No time again this week.  I’ll explain next week.  Elder D. Todd Christofferson is visiting us the 22nd.  Both my comp and I were sick this week – tough week. But I’m here to serve. its fun. I love the mission.
Elder Roberts

August 10, 2015
Alright so last week I apologize. Elder Capps and I dedicated a lot of computer time to making advertisements for a ward activity that we planned. IT WAS A SUCCESS!!

We put on Meet The Mormons and told everyone to invite their friends. This ward needed something to excite them about missionary work.  So we decided to throw a party! Oops… I mean…an activity….

But it was sweet. We teamed up with the really hyper and powerful Hna Angeles, the Relief Society President, and we went to work. During our planning she said “No you guys just get people here, I’ll take care of all the food. How many should I make food for?” We had no idea how many to tell her…. then Elder Capps was like “100! Make food for 100.” I gave him the “are you crazy” look, but we stuck with it. We advertised like mad men. Any large group of people we saw in the street we invited. Construction workers on lunch break, groups of friends headed to parties on Friday night, EVERYONE.

This activity really put me out of my comfort zone because I was the “guy responsible” for all of it…and I worried no one would come. It started at 7pm. By 7:15 there were 10 people there.  All active members.  I was really worried.  Hna Angeles looked even more worried than I was. But, by the time it was 7:30, there were 130 people there!! Actually, Hna Angeles ran to the store during the activity to buy more horchata and tortas. We found 4 new investigators there!! And about 30 less actives showed up.

The best part: THESE PEOPLE WENT TO CHURCH TOO!! It was a success.

We’ve struggled so much here with less actives and investigators here…. I almost cried in church when I was breaking the bread and got to look out and see all the less actives.

Now the members want to put a President of Activities and plan activities every 2-3 weeks. I think we are finally edifying this ward…

Last week:
It was a tough week.  We lost the keys when we went to a tiny little pueblo an hour away from a baptismal interview, and we were locked out of our house for 24 hours. We were really frustrated and decided to pray.  After the prayer, Elder Capps felt inspired to call a less active guy named Ruben (it was Sunday so we couldn’t go to a shop to help us) and he came and popped the door open for us. It was an answer to our prayer for sure. We were so grateful!

Also, I don’t know if I wrote this in an email, but we had an investigator named T and he has a ton of family problems.  Two weeks ago we were walking with him (we had to go home at 9 and he wanted to talk so we invited him to walk with us). He was depressed and said he was going to go drink in a bar to solve his problems. We told him that was a horrible idea. It actually got to the point where we were on the corner of the street. If he went left, he was going to the bar. If he went right, he would go home safely. We carefully explained the consequences of both choices. He chose to go left. I was so mad. We turned around and walked home. We didn’t say a word about it, we just went home, prayed, planned, and went to bed.  Then, three nights ago he found us and was like “hey remember that last night we talked and I went left? i walked into that bar, and then walked right out and went home.” We were so happy!! He hasn’t drank to this very day.

Those two experiences have given Elder Capps and I a lot more faith. We are going to continue working hard.

I love you all! Always trust in the Lord.
Elder Roberts

This picture is a family that WAS less active, but they are moving to Northern Mexico. We made them promise to prepare for the temple. They are awesome and have a lot of faith.




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