Elder Roberts – August 17 to 24, 2015

August 17, 2015
So this has been a very good week.

Fun Story: Yesterday my companion and I almost got hit by lightning. We felt like we should go visit this less active named Jab, but he wasn’t even home. When we got to the door, his non member mom (she’s incredibly nice) demanded that we enter and sit down and made us water to drink. As we were drinking our water this huge lighting bolt struck within a few yards of the house and it physically made my companion and I jump. All the electricity in the city was cut out for about an hour. We felt blessed to be inside Jab’s house.  Afterwards, we felt fine to leave but it was POURING rain. All the roads were ABSOLUTELY FLOODED. Luckily, Jab’s mom gave us garbage bags with head and arm holes. Honestly, it didn’t help at all because it was raining so hard. But in between our appointments we were sprinting and laughing in the pouring rain. I felt like I was swimming and it gave me ecstatic joy.

The other Elders here in Loma Bonita baptized this week! It was Jose, the husband of Alicia. She’s really famous in the ward because she was an “escogido”. The day after her baptism she got up in sunday school and gave the most powerful testimony of the restoration. It was a special joy for me to see her husband get baptized. It was a cool day.


I’m pumped to meet him and hear his wisdom. Also, hopefully we are baptizing that Saturday. We probably will. It’ll be a great day. Love you all.
Elder Roberts

August 24, 2015
Wow what a week. This was a very very unique week.

So… I guess the most eventful days have been the last 3. We had a big meeting as a mission in Veracruz in the chapel next to the temple because Elder Christofferson came and visited our mission. (sidenote: that was the first time I saw the temple and MAN it was gorgeous)

So what happened is we left Friday early to go to Tuxtepec (1 hour 20 minutes away from Loma Bonita) to get together as a zone, and then from there we all headed down to Veracruz together. On the ride I started feeling really weird, and I thought it was car sickness. I needed to puke, but I started taking really slow deep breaths and a lot of mental focus (lots of stories from Elder Capps to distract me) and I was able to hold off for 45 minutes until we got to the offices. Once I got there, I didn’t need to puke that bad, but I felt horrible. I figured it was something I ate, and 10:30 was approaching fast. I wanted to just get it over with, so this one elder taught me how to make myself puke! I did so. Its a lot easier than I thought. But once I got round one over with, my body was not done. I puked about 5 more times that night.  I got a blessing from…I don’t really remember who. But they told me I would be able to see Elder Christofferson the next day. I had a fever of about 105. After the blessing they asked me how I felt and, in a lame attempt at faith in the priesthood I said “I’m fine now, thanks” and just went to bed. I got up the next morning and I was determined to go to that meeting. There was no way I was gonna miss it, plus in the blessing I was told I was going to go. So I went. I threw up two more times in the chapel where Elder Christofferson came to visit us. Our cute mission doctor came running in 20 minutes before Elder Christofferson came and shot me in the bum with antibiotics (I had taken medicine before but threw it up 5 minutes afterwards). President Cordova even came to check on me. I just ran past him and yelled “Estoy bien!!” because I had to throw up again. I felt so weak and was really pale. During this whole process I was praying a ton to be able to stay during the meeting. And all my prayers were answered! I was rushed into the chapel 5 minutes before he showed up and sat down by the door, but from the moment he walked in to the time he left, I felt fantastic.

Elder Christofferson is amazing. He speaks fluent spanish. He’s so….not what I thought. President Cordova emanates power and authority. You ask him a question and he answers back without blinking in a matter of seconds with something really profound. I figured, as an apostle, Christofferson would be like him but times 10. But he wasn’t at all. He beamed humility. We had a question and answer session with him. And someone asked him something and he sat there for a couple seconds. Then he whipped out like 5 scriptures to answer the question with a personal story, and then looked behind him to President and asked if he wanted to add anything or if he said something wrong. I was thinking “OBVIOUSLY he isn’t going to say anything else, you’re an APOSTLE!”  Man he was so cool. With 30 minutes left he closed the question and answer session and started talking about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and gave an incredible testimony of it.

Then at the end is really when his power and authority were manifested. He started testifying. “As one who knows, I declare that Jesus is the Christ.” My whole being was hit with chills and warmth the second he said that. It was incredible. The apostles really are special witnesses of Jesus Christ.

So it wasn’t the experience I expected with the whole sickness etc, but it was a great one. My testimony of the priesthood is a lot stronger, and of prayer, and of the lords servants on the earth. And of everything Elder Christofferson talked about.

His wisdom is… so awe-inspiring. I can’t even…. when he spoke I could feel my ignorant mind trying to absorb the things he said. It was an actual mental struggle.

Anyway, it was really great.

President commanded us to not bring our cameras so I don’t have any pictures, but I have one from our baptism on that same saturday!!(you can tell I don’t feel well) That was a really cool baptism too. We’ve been working with this guy forever. Love that kid. He was texting us when we were on the bus ride home (4 hours long) ever hour saying “2 hours left until my baptism!” “1 hour left!” “Did you guys make it yet?” haha I just gave the phone to elder capps because I was still not feeling good.

I’M TOTALLY FINE NOW. Don’t worry. I’m taking medicine. I’m eating. I’m healthy. I think I lost a little weight so that’s a very good thing. TOTALLY FINE. Nothing to worry about.
Love you all!
Elder Roberts




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