Elder Roberts – Nov 30 to Dec 14, 2015

November 30, 2015
Hey everyone, This week we were able to study!! It was so great. I studied about how to study/prepare for lessons and the importance of the Scriptures. I’m in Alma 2 in my new reading.
Yesterday was fun. We were verifying with some other missionaries in the church when we hear that there is an “Eternal Marriage” class being held in the cultural hall. We went to see what was going on, and lo and behold, there was our beloved President Cordova teaching the class. We got to talk to him a little before it began. He was preparing his lesson. He was studying his scriptures before it began and was actually marking a couple things. I took the opportunity to ask “How do you mark your scriptures? Do you have a system?” He said “Nope. I just mark the things I want to remember. For the most part I just remember where the scriptures are. Like if it’s in the top left corner, right middle, etc.” It was kind of interesting. He marks like 3 words maximum on each page. The amount of color on a page of the scriptures does not equal how much gospel knowledge we have. I might even argue the contrary… But thats another story.  I was able to go on divisions with Elder Chamberlain this week. It was great. We had a really successful day. We met a family interested in hearing more! The whole day we were working really hard but it just felt natural. Like we weren’t stressed, not worried about any appointments, we just went through the day fluidly and just enjoyed it and saw some great results. Then he shared some nutter butters with me that he had received in the mail from his mother. They were delicious.
I was reflecting during the sacrament yesterday and I think I’ve been focusing on the mission a little bit like a system. Like in a bad way. I’ve been treating it like a business and it is definitely not a business…and even less my business. This week I’m going to focus a lot more on the spirit and having spiritual experiences. We have to remember that it’s the Lord’s grace that will save us. I think that’s the perspective that I’ve been missing in the mission.  I love you guys!! Bye! Elder Roberts

Dec 7, 2015
Wow its been a great great week!! Where do I start…  this week I went to this area called Cardel! It was really cool! I think I’m going to go back next P-day because it has some ancient ruins, the first house of Hernan Cortes when he arrived to the americas with the spaniards, and the first catholic church built on the american continent!! When I get pictures I’ll be sure to send them!  We had 2 baptisms this week! Diego and Juan de Dios. They were both really excited and I’ll send pictures in a couple hours.  I just simply love the mission. Yesterday we watched the Christmas devotional as a zone. I loved the talk by David A Bednar. He just always hits the spot doesn’t it?  The book of mormon record of the Christmas story is such a beautiful one that often gets overlooked. The prophesies of Samuel the Lamanite!! This week I did a rather extensive study of 3 Nephi 11, and the doctrine of dominion.  I loved looking at 3 nephi 11. The ordering of things in the scriptures are very important and should be noted. So, I wanted to see the first thing that Jesus said when he came to the Americas. The first thing he did was reaffirm the faith that the people had in their living prophet and the prophets of old, which was their source of knowing God. Then he mentions the most important doctrine, the atonement. Afterward, he spells out what needs to be done to receive the power of the Atonement through the authority of the priesthood. It was all very interesting. Those are just a few thoughts amongst many. I love the Christmas season! Its just a perfect time to share the gospel!  Anyway, I love you all! Bye! Elder Roberts

Dec 14, 2015
SUPER SHORT ON TIME THIS WEEK….I’ll tell the story with pictures.  Temple Dedication of Tijuana was awesome. We saw it via my satellite. Loved Dieter F Uchtdorf and Gordon B Hinckley’s son as the temple president. Had a christmas conference with a neighboring zone. Love you all! Elder Roberts



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