Elder Roberts – January 11 to 25, 2016

January 11, 2015
So, a couple of you have been asking me about what happened with Rosa. What happened was the following:
We decided together that she needed a little time more before her baptism. We taught her more about what repentance REALLY is, and simply asked her what she needed to change. She mentioned a few things and decided to change immediately.
We moved her baptism date back a week, but here’s the kicker: her dad (who is an apostate member who was baptized years ago but now worships the Santa Muerte) didn’t know that we changed her baptismal date. On Friday, January 1, we get a text from her, in which she explained to us she couldn’t talk to us anymore. It was really weird because that very day we had talked to her and she explained all the testimonies she’s received in personal prayer and study that this is true. We decided not to freak out, and we went to her house the next day, when we had put an appointment. We showed up and her dad was waiting for us. We were on good terms with him, but that day he looked different. He looked a little overly confident and content to me. He claimed that Rosa was sick in bed and couldn’t come out to talk to us. Okay fine. We talked to him.
He takes a lot of pride in being really direct and “saying things how they are”. He then proceeded to make personal attacks on my companion. In my head I was kinda getting frustrated because I’m not fond of when leaders or investigators do stuff like that. We are 100% a team. Directly attacking one of us doesn’t make sense to me. We plan and practice and meditate and talk about everything we do so we are on the same page. But that’s another story. Anyway, in my head I was screaming “BE HUMBLE. DONT GET MAD. JUST TAKE IT. PLEASE BE HUMBLE. DONT RUIN THIS”. My companion handled it really well. After all that, we talked to him more and explained we can change etc. Then right at the end of the lesson, Rosa hopped out of the room and she gave her dad a really harsh glare. And then we asked her if we could call her later.
So later that night we called her to “apologize”, but as we were talking to her she told us that everything her dad told us was a complete lie. And that he just doesn’t want her to be a member.
We haven’t been able to get in contact with Rosa for this whole week and now my companion has been transferred.  I think she’s having some serious family issues. We are still working on it though. Sometimes I get frustrated because I feel like all the coolest stories don’t turn out good. But we are still doing our best to find the elect.
I’m having an absolute ball with my new companion. We get along so well. It’s hilariously fun. We are going to have a lot of success.
Hold to the Rod!!
Elder Roberts

January 18, 2015
So, I think for this week, I would like to share a thought.
I have said many times that the only way to fail when doing to work of the Lord is to stop progressing and trying your best.
I had a thought the other day that may explain way.
I would like to suggest that is has to do with fact that as we receive more light, we are expected to grow.
When I first started the mission, I remember I was in an area. I had 6 months in the mission and my companion had 7. We were both american and neither of us spoke spanish that well. But, we put our heads down, didn’t complain, and worked as hard as we could. We made a ton of mistakes, and maybe didn’t work in the best way, but the Lord blessed us.
Now, I have a decent amount of time in the mission, and so does my companion. We have received a lot of trainings, and have had a lot of opportunities to grow and improve. With all of that, if we tried to just put our head down and mindlessly worked hard, we would not have success. Why? It worked before didn’t it?
In a sense of the word, we “have more light”. If we stop trying to improve and progress, we will not be blessed. The Lord wants us to grow. He wants to depend on him more, to work more with members, organize with the ward leadership, he just wants us to progress towards living with him again.
That what it is like with mission work. Thats why the mission isn’t easy.
This is also true in life. Do you think a people would progress if they didn’t have challenges? Definitely not. Life is really never going to be easy. Its not supposed to be. That’s the fun part about it. We cannot plateau. We will never reach a level on earth where God says “Okay, he did great, he made it. He’s done.” (Unless youre Enoc… haha)
Let’s always remember that. God wants continual progression. As we progress, we will receive more growth opportunities. But, we will also always be capable of overcoming them with Christ. I testify of that.
I love all of you!
Find a way to improve this week. And if you aren’t sure what you need to improve, read Larry R. Lawrences talk this last conference in the saturday morning session.
Elder Roberts

January 25, 2016
This week we had the worldwide training meeting presided by Dallin H Oaks by satellite viewing. It was really cool!
The strongest impression I got from the training was this: as a mission, our mission president is already on top of everything. There was nothing they said that blew my mind that hasn’t already been taught to us by President Cordova. Thats a testimony to me of the scripture “whether it is my voice or the voice of my servants it is the same.” I know our president receives revelation for our mission. Of course, on a personal level, the Spirit reminded me of a lot of things that I haven’t fully put in practice or need to start doing again.
Also this week, 2 members called us while they were eating and said “hey! we are waiting for you guys! Lets do divisions!” It was SO COOL. Never happened to me on my mission before. They are both like 70 years old too. So on the way over (we were almost running) we called a bunch of extra people to visit. We got so much done that day the sisters passed by our house that night and said “you guys visited everyone!! leave some for us!” I challenge all you members to do the same thing. Lets get this work moving a lot faster. Missionaries are always ready to speed things up. If they aren’t, get them ready! Hno Figueroa went with me. He’s a champ. He ended up tripping as we walked and fell hard on his face. I felt so bad!! But he just wiped it off and we kept moving.
We are also teaching this guy name Geronimo who is awesome. He’s already read the whole Book of Mormon…and the Quran and the Bible… and ¨the book Confucious wrote too… we have to be very doctrinal when we speak. No opinions or variations or he wrecks us haha
I love all of these people!
Elder Roberts




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