Elder Roberts – February 1 to 15, 2016

February 1, 2016
Hah, this week. What a story… So let me start 2 weeks back. 2 weeks ago, my companion and I found that all of a sudden it was really hard to get up at 6:30 in the morning. After waking up, we just felt really horrible. We were even going to bed on time and everything. We had some other bathroom complications and were really worried so I called Hna Cordova, our president’s wife and told her how I was feeling and what was going on and her reaction wasn’t comforting: “Elder, I have no idea what that is. Call the doctor ASAP.”
Uh oh… so I called Hna Burgos our mission doctor. She instructed us to head to her office on the other side of the port. It took us 2 hours to get there!! We get there, one of the first things she asks us is “have you guys been having a hard time getting up in the morning?” We said yes. Then she did a couple weird tests on me that are unique to the medical science of Mexico. Turns out, my companion and I both had/have parasites. She told us to get some pills and some orange juice. You wont believe how hard it is to find real orange juice here in Mexico. Its all… sugar substitute. Which is delicious. But we needed the real stuff. Where were running around in BYU shirts and sandals all over going in every little tienda. Finally we found some. I chugged 1.5 liters. I already finished all my pills and I feel sooo much better and feel normal. I’m pretty sure that I don’t have anything anymore. But my comp is still running through that beloved process.
Remember that super miracle I talked about? When I was talking on the phone with Elder Chamberlain and 2 people walked into the church wanting to be baptized? The mom was having some difficulties getting baptized. We went over to visit her and see how she was doing. We had an incredibly spiritual lesson. My companion was a spiritual monster in that lesson. The lady even said “That is exactly what I needed to hear.” We were in there for a short time when she finally just said “I have to get baptized on Saturday.” I left with her son, my comp did the interview, and she was baptized! I had a really good time with her son, who was having doubts about the temple. He’s very smart. We had a fantastic lesson. I taught him the difference between covenants and ordinances, what the saving ordinances are, and how we do them for the dead.  Attached are pictures of these two.
I love you all!
Elder Roberts

February 8, 2016
We had a training meeting this week. It was really interesting actually. So on tuesday we had a leadership meeting to sort out the details of what we wanted to teach, and then on thursday we introduced it to the rest of the mission. There are 9 zones in the mission, so all the zones double up except one. We are the Veracruz Mexico zone, and we got together with the Villa Rica zone. We were told that President was going to direct everything and that he may call on us to give our opinions and such. But wow it was pretty different.  President gets up, makes some announcements, and then says “Alright Elder Mills, teach us about repentance.”  So he just had to stand up and teach everyone in front of president. I imagine it was a little scary. So he finishes. Then President gets back up and says “Hey Elder Roberts, what’s the next thing were supposed to talk about?” “The area plan.” “Exactly. Okay we will now hear from Elder Roberts as he teaches us about the Area Plan.” Wow. I was really unprepared for that. It was the first time I had taught in front of President. I tried to act as calm and comfortable as possible, and I think I convinced myself to be. I felt actually quite good up there. I started explaining how we were supposed to use the area plan, and the missionaries asked me questions. I thought “Why on earth are you asking me? I dont know!! President is sitting right behind me!! He’s the mastermind.” But, I answered their questions to the best of my ability and president didn’t say anything (thats a really good thing, if he joins in that means you missed something). Then, I did a brief demonstration with my companion on how to teach it. And then everyone else divided into groups and did practices. Then, we all got back together and we discussed how it all went and set goals. It was really fun to be honest. I kinda like getting cold called.
Also, we had to plan the agenda for the meeting. I asked this new missionary Hna Corral to direct the hymns. That morning I found this antenna thingy in the house and we figured it’d be really funny if she directed the hymns with it. She was a little against it at first but she’s really cool and it made everyone laugh during the hymn. I attached a picture of it below.
Elder Roberts

February 15, 2016
WE FINALLY GOT TO WORK THIS WEEK!! It was great!! We came out of the gates flying. I was so desperate to hit the streets. We had a wonderful week. We have 2 baptisms this upcoming week if all goes well, we found a cute little family (young couple) and they are really chill. To the degree that I would love to hang out with them as friends as a civilian. Their last name is Mota, which is super funny because it means “weed” or marijuana… we verified the Word of Wisdom a couple times but we are good to go, haha.
Our area is soooo big though. In my other areas when the whole pueblo was my area it was bigger. This area is just super long and ALL OF IT is just house after house after house. They all share walls. 3 story apartment buildings in some parts. We are rather busy. We have to take buses in between almost every appointment if we want to be even slightly punctual. I love taking the buses. The drivers drive them like mopeds. You have to sit really straight and not slouch so you don’t break your back. It’s hilariously fun. When they don’t slow down for speed bumps we sometimes catch up to 1 foot of air and its pretty good hang time.

Really cool story:
So the other day, my companion and I were walking on this really large road. It was the equivalent of a highway. We were trying to get to this appointment pretty far away. I was frustrated that we had taken that route because there were no houses to contact or people to really see. I honestly can’t remember why on earth we went that way, but we did. As we were walking along, this really dirty car pulled off to the side of the road and parked in front of us. A really large man got out really fast. Honestly, he looked kinda sketchy. My first thought was “Oh heavens, where is the nearest escape route?” The guy actually started running up to us and said “ELDERS!” He quickly explained to us that his wife was going through labor and she had 2-3 months left of pregnancy and she needed a priesthood blessing. She had been having contractions for the last 2 weeks and he had been trying to get a hold of some missionaries for those 2 weeks for a blessing. He wasn’t from Veracruz. Honestly I don’t remember where he was from. His accent was kind of weird. Anyway, he had been praying and trying to contact the missionaries and he had no luck. He and his wife (who wasn’t a member yet) got to the point that they had to leave for the hospital, blessing or not. 10 minutes before getting to the hospital, he saw us on the side of the road. He rushed us into his car and asked to give his wife a blessing. She was sitting shot gun. My comp jumped into the driver seat and I got in the back seat, right behind her and we gave her the long awaited blessing. The spirit was so incredibly strong. It was such a tender moment. As missionaries, we can’t interact with anyone without leaving a commitment, so we told her she had to pray the whole time she was in the hospital. She didn’t look very good at all. We looked at the guy and said “Well, looks like God heard you.” They thanked us, hopped back in, and took off.  My companion and I just kinda looked at each other and there was nothing to say. It was an incredible experience.
Sometimes we look for angels to tell us where to go, or big impressions. But, most of the time we just go, and the Lord organizes everything the way he needs it. We DID NOT get an impression to walk along the highway. But God knew. And God answered the prayer of that man.
So, let’s all continue in faith. God will get what he needs to get done. I love you all! have a wonderful week!
Elder Roberts



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