Elder Roberts – March 14 to April 4, 2016

March 14, 2016
Okay, sooo…our ward got split this week!! WOW! They took our ward (Hortalizas) and another ward, Camino Real, and made a new ward out of them called Torrentes. To do so, they had to change some ward boundaries so we have a relatively new ward!! It was really exciting and all the members were buzzing about it. Its going to be really fun. We got a new ward mission leader and we are already planning some activities so everyone can get to know each other. It was really cool how it all happened. Unfortunately we had to pass some of our investigators that were getting baptized next week to some other missionaries in the zone… haha its okay though were on the same team. Its just great to see the kingdom of God grow.

Funny story: we visited this lady who is less active. She said she doesn’t go to church because she is “allergic to the early morning” and can’t go because our ward starts at 8 in the morning. Well shoot lady, I’m allergic to the mornings too, but we just have to do it! My comp and I got a good laugh out of that one.

Also, really good news: Our convert C, is 18 and is preparing for a mission.  He wasn’t able to get into military school, so HE CAN GO ON A MISSION!! WOOHOO!

What else…. today we went to see Fernan Cortes house! And the first Catholic Church on the American continent! And an alligator farm!! Here are the pics.

March 21, 2016
So this week was… pretty tough. Like I mentioned last week, our ward got split. Unfortunately, a lot of the less actives and people we worked with are in the parts we lost. So we walked a lot this week…

But, we have one little family that is progressing pretty well. It’s a dad who was a member, Gustavo, but got inactivated when he was 10. His wife and his son aren’t members and we are currently teaching them. Really, its just a battle for her to get an answer. She is willing to join the church because her sons love church (we made really good friends with them….their 10 and 5 years old hahaha) but we want her to join because of divine instruction. We have talked about baptism and feel like she would do it, but we want this to be real and special for her and for her to receive her own answer from God. We do have a different baptism this week, so that should be a great experience. Umm… that’s really everything. I was really impressed with the ward split. The attendances in church in the wards affected by the change all turned out really similar. I guess I shouldn’t be super impressed and just expect it considering it was approved by the First Presidency… but I always appreciate seeing inspired leadership.
Anyway, love you guys!!
Elder Roberts

March 28, 2016
It’s been a really good week!

For one reason or another, we taught a lot about the Holy Ghost this week. To all of our investigators and a lot of less actives.  Because of the ward split, we got two little pieces of different wards and they have a ton of less actives.

A lot of them have the attitude of “I know exactly what I need to do, and I know why. But I still don’t want to.” So we talk a lot about how the Spirit changes our desires, our attitudes, and aspirations. It was fun and I learned quite a bit.

Anyway, Michelle also got baptized this week! We got a new mission leader and he’s really making a difference. His name is Abraham. I think he is probably the best of example of magnifying a calling I’ve seen in my time here in Veracruz. He really made a difference and the baptismal service was very beautiful.

I went on divisions with C. We taught the plan of salvation (well, only the first part) and he said afterward “you know, every time I leave with you guys it convinces me more and more to go on a mission.”

We are so happy to hear that because its been a bit of a struggle with this kid. I mean, you can’t blame him. He lived for 18 years with a dream to be a pilot in the mexican air force. And he has prepared himself very well in school and politically as well (he knows a lot of people haha) and now he has to choose between the mission and his dream.

We taught him about receiving revelation (another lesson about the spirit :)) and we told him how we can receive a lot of revelation through the words of living prophets. So he decided to “watch conference in order to know if he should go on a mission”. I’m just hoping one of the apostles or the 70s talks about how important it is to go on a mission in one of the sessions. I imagine they’ll at least mention it in the priesthood session.
He would be an extraordinary missionary thats for sure.
Anyway, thats about all I have this week!
Love you all, enjoy easter!

April 4, 2016
I got changed to a new area! I’m now in the Cordova Zone!! In the Nuevo Cordova ward.

It’s pretty cool here. This is supposed to be the cooler part of Veracruz so I’m excited. The Lord has blessed me with a little mercy this summer, since last summer I was in the hottest city in the country of Mexico (true story). I’m now with Elder Bowers from Oregon. He’s a different Bowers than the last one in Tierra Blanca. He’s also taller than me (my 3rd comp taller than me) and we are ready to get some work done. I’m a little sad because we had a couple families progressing in Hortalizas, my old area, but I guess the elder who’s getting there will have the blessing to see their baptisms. There are people who need me here!!

I LOVED conference! Since I was in the port, it’s the first time that I was actually able to watch it well. The internet WORKED! I was amazed and I was so grateful. I loved the talk by Paul V Johnson “And there shall be no more death”. This talk wasn’t one of the universal favorites like the one by Uchtdorf or Holland. Also, I loved Bednar’s talk too. Pure doctrine. It was a work of art.

But the one that really hit me hard with the spirit was Johnson’s. During his talk, I felt the question “what do you know to be true because of the resurrection?” I actually stopped listening to the talk in that moment and I started writing down the things I know are true because Jesus Christ rose again. Here are some of them:

1. He is the Christ
2. Heavenly Father loves me
3. There is a life after this life
4. I will receive another body in the resurrection like He did
5. If I am also obedient, I will receive all power in heaven and earth like the Father, just like all fellow children of God
6. I will live with my family again if we are obedient together
7. All the things Jesus taught are true
8. He truly established ONE TRUE CHURCH with an exact, precise truth
9. If I ask, I can know if that church and doctrine is true
10. Temples are necessary to bring salvation to the living and the dead
11. the only church who performs such ordinances is The Church of Jesus Christ
12. This is that church
13. Temple work and the rest of the fullness of the gospel was restored by Joseph Smith the prophet of God
14. The Book of Mormon is yet another witness of the divinity of Christ
15. I have a lot of work to do and lots to change!!!

Those are the first 15 things that came to my mind. It was a very eye opening and spiritual experience for me. This isn’t in any particular order of importance or anything of that nature. Like I said, this is the order of truths that I feel and know as they came into my head.

I am so grateful that Jesus Christ resurrected, and that the Holy Ghost led me to have such a wonderful learning moment and time of reflection. Here are some of my favorite people that I left behind in the transfer: see photos attached

Love you all!
Elder Roberts

What do you know to be true because Jesus rose from the tomb on the 3rd day?



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