Elder Roberts – May 2 to May 16, 2016

Hi All,
Hugh will be coming home June 29! We are very excited! He will speak in church July 10. All are invited. 9am at Racho Carillo Ward(3450 Camino De Los Coches, Carlsbad, CA)
Doug Roberts

Here are Hugh’s letters:
May 2, 2016
I’m feeling good this week. A lot better. I can feel your prayers and I thank you for it. We gotta finish strong!

We had a really cool experience with Daisy. She is a really cool lady. She stopped smoking, coffee, and hasn’t missed church in a very long time. She recognizes the vast blessings from the gospel in her life. It’s such a joy to talk to her. On saturday we visited her and we did a pre baptismal interview with her, but we embedded it in casual conversation. We then explained to her the doctrine of covenants. She got really excited and said “How.. or when.. can I make a covenant!?” We smiled and said “Well, the first covenant is baptism and you can get baptized pretty much whenever you want to.” She said “Well, how do I know if I’m prepared? I feel really good but I want to do this right” and we said “We just did an interview with you and you did great! You’re totally ready.” She’s a really animated person so we had some good laughs out of that. She should be getting baptized really soon! She had a very minor doubt about a commitment she made with another church, so we just told her to pray about it and let us know tomorrow what day she’s getting baptized.

After the lesson, the bus we needed turned the corner a half a block ahead of us, so we ended up doing a 300 yard sprint to catch it. We had a really important meeting with the bishop and would’ve been late. We got it!! I think we scared a lot of people. The thing is, my companion was going full speed down the middle of the road. I chose the sidewalk, which isn’t a good idea. The sidewalks here are horrible. People build things, add extra stands for their little shops, put chairs, etc in the middle of the sidewalk. Not to mention the sidewalks are never flat. There was this part where, at the bottom of 2 sidewalk stairs, this older lady and her son placed a little ice cream cart in my path. I didn’t notice until the last second because I had to duck and avoid hitting this little gazebo roof thing, and I gazelled over that ice cream cart. I took a hurdle approach. I felt like air jordan haha. I then said “perdon! hasta luego!” and had to keep going. They were probably scared at first but when I looked back they were laughing. Silly gringos. Next time I’ll probably take the street with my companion. We felt so accomplished when we caught that bus though.

Also, this week my companion and I killed about 100 cockroaches in 2 days. We are going to do a body count tonight to get an official number, but we went to war. On friday night I opened the door to our patio out back and I saw probably 50 cockroaches. They left their hiding places because of how hot it was. My companion and I took 2 or 3 minutes to discuss strategy, and we decided to stun them by hurling a bucket of water on them before any attack. It was genius. The best part is there are a lot of old bricks, wood, sandals etc in the back so we were able to try multiple weapon choices. I was more of a brick guy and Elder Bowers liked the wood. It was great fun. The next night, we updated our weaponry and bought some sprays. We used two full cans. I hope none of our neighbors understand english because we were screaming “GET EM! FIRE! PASS ME THAT BRICK! GO GO GO!” for at least 45 minutes.

We are going to Veracruz for a meeting tomorrow. I might lose my comp tomorrow 😦
Love you guys! Talk to you soon
Elder Roberts

May 9, 2016
Right after our mother’s day phone call we went to go visit Daisy. We entered into her house calmly, sat down, asked how she was doing etc.

She was really anxious and nervous and we could tell. The day before she mentioned that she had made her decision about baptism. So we said a prayer and then said “Well, what’s you’re decision? I think we are all pretty anxious for this moment!” And she said “Well, I want to be baptized as soon as possible. When can I do it? This saturday or sunday?” We were so excited! We talked about the plans briefly and organized the interview etc, and then it got kind of awkward. It reminded me a lot of the scene from the Best Two Years when the dude said he wanted to be baptized and the missionaries were like “What do we do? I’ve never gotten to this point”. I haven’t seen anyone that excited! And plus after all the time it took for her to make her decision, it was just a different experience and situation. But a great one. She’s really cool.

I have a new comp! Elder Webb. One of my long time best buddies and examples from the mission. I’m stoked that he may be my last companion. He truly is an answer to many prayers and Im so grateful.
Pictures to come next week. Love you all!
Elder Roberts

May 16, 2016
I learned a lot this week and I’m kind of struggling to sort it out into an email.

Well first off, we didn’t work at all on tuesday or wednesday because we had a visit from a member of the Quorum of Seventy, Elder Falabela. On Tuesday we had a mixed zone conference where he talked to us and instructed us. Then on Wednesday, some missionaries got together and we talked about how to implement his teachings into the mission.

The meeting with Elder Falabela was INCREDIBLE! I really enjoyed his teaching style. It was very unique and I quite enjoyed it. He taught in a style almost opposite to my own, and I had never seen it before.

But he talked a lot about grace and charity. It was really cool the way he did it. So he got a whiteboard and drew a glass cup and asked “what percentage of works and what percentage of grace gives us our salvation?” A couple missionaries stood up and gave their opinions. They were slightly off doctrinally. Then someone finally said “Grace saves us 100%!” and He said “Yes! Then why do we do works?” Another missionary got up and proposed about something. I felt prompted to get up and share what I had learned from Brad Wilcox’ talk “His Grace is Sufficient”, but to be honest I was kinda nervous. I felt the prompting again. So I sucked up my nervousness and stood up and said “Grace is 100% available to everyone and it is grace which saves us. Our salvation is set, if we repent. But, we do works to be able to learn to live in heaven so we can stay there once we return to God.” That is something that hit me really hard when I was learning about grace, because it’s something so commonly misunderstood. Elder Falabela liked my answer. We talked a bit after the meeting and it was cool to meet him. The thing that strikes me so much about the general authorities I meet, is their humility. It’s so inspiring to just meet them and talk to them.

Anyway, Elder Webb, my new companion, is amazing. I love this guy a lot and I hope I’m with him until the end of my mission. It would be a very very happy ending. I have ONE TRANSFER LEFT. I’m very excited. We are going to see miracles this week I just know it. We need them!! haha
Love you all!
Elder Roberts



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