If you wish to send me a letter, and don’t want to worry about the hassle of all of actually writing it and licking the envelope, click here! It will take you to a website called where you can write me a letter for FREE!

IMPORTANT: If you want me to respond to a letter sent through, make sure to write a return address in the text of your letter so that I can respond. Once you send a letter to me through this service, that letter becomes a direct correspondence between and myself, so they will put their return address on the letter that I receive. I’d rather not write letters where I pour my heart out to some 23 year old guy sitting in a cubicle at the headquarters of, so include your return address!

You can also send packages through this website, but that isn’t free. The contents of the packages sent are predetermined by the company, so if you’re trying to send me something delicious like Starburst Jellybeans, you would have to do that manually. However, anything is GREATLY appreciated!

Hint: The “Munchie Mania” package by is the one I’d send to myself. Just saying.



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