Other Blogs

The main purpose of my blog is to let everyone know how everything is going in Mexico with weekly posts. But, I also wanted to cater my blog to either potential missionaries coming to Veracruz or anyone else who wants to learn about the Veracruz mission. That’s why I spent a lot of time and effort before I left to make a simple interface that has as much information as possible. With that in mind, below is a list of other blogs from missionaries exactly like me. The blogs listed below are of missionaries who are currently in Veracruz, or missionaries who used to serve there. The reason there are so few blogs is because the majority of the elders that serve in Veracruz are native to Mexico. I pulled this list from PrepareToServe.com. Click here to see their list, which could potentially have more blogs provided than I do. My list is up-to-date as of June 19, 2014. Also, the names are in chronological order, with the top being the most recent.



Elder Parker Dial                        elderparkerdial.blogspot.com

Elder Devin Broadhead            elderdevinbroadhead.blogspot.com 

Elder Conner Mortensen         elderconnermortensen.blogspot.com 

Elder Dalton Anderson             missionsite.net/elderdaltonanderson 

Elder Joshua Parco                    missionsite.net/elderjoshuaparco 

Elder Jed Rowlan                        missionsite.net/elderjedrowlan 

Elder Ian Lindsay                       mormonforaneo.blogspot.com

Elder Tyler Eastmond               eldertylereastmond.blogspot.com

Elder Jonathan Snow                 juanjuansmission.blogspot.com

Elder Cortland Watson              eldercortlandwatson.blogspot.com

Elder Sean Horrocks                  elderseanhorrocks.blogspot.com

Elder Ryan Lehikainen              elderlehikainen.blogspot.com

Elder Michael Herron                missionsite.net/eldermichaelherron

Elder Canyon Shirley                 missionsite.net/eldercanyonshirley

Elder Ryan Senior                       missionsite.net/elderryansenior

Elder Tyson Rider                       missionsite.net/eldertysonrider

Elder James Ricks                       picodemission.blogspot.com

Elder Tyler Wilhelm                   missionsite.net/eldertylerwilhelm

Elder John Tellez                         missionsite.net/elderjohntellez

Elder Jeffree Elrey                      elderelrey.blogspot.com

President & Sister Hansen        felices2juntos.blogspot.com



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